What I’ll Miss: A Year Later


I’ve googled myself today. I’ve done it before but it’s been awhile but I’ve been curious to see what I find when I look my name up, I remember back when I started this blog as an intention for my photography work and I found I couldn’t get a domain in my name because someone else had it. I didn’t see the website anymore though for the person that shared my name but did watercolors. It doesn’t really matter anymore but I was pleasantly surprised to find this blog was on the second and third page.

The first blog entry that showed up was from last August when I was trying to stay positive about my delay to the UK so I shared some photos of a festival that happens yearly back home. The second blog entry was about what I would miss and wouldn’t miss from back home. And it’s interesting to see that a year later some of those things are different or didn’t have as big an impact as I thought it would.

So I’m just going to share the original item on the list and then say how I feel now.

1.I will definitely miss my friends and family and being able to call them up and hang out.

I do miss that, I do find that I crave contact with people sometimes and other times I am so shell-shocked from being in town that it puts my social anxiety into overdrive. I know I am looking forward to seeing some people again but I’ve gotten used to it.

2. I will not miss the weather especially the damn humidity. I barely got any sleep last night cause it was too warm even with a fan and no covers.

Oh how I haven’t missed that. It’s actually been between cold and mild here the entire time, though their past winter wasn’t normal it has gotten cold sooner this fall/winter. Next summer is going to suck.

3. I’ll miss my walks with my friend and former boss Emily, we talk and bitch and sometimes go out to eat together.

I do miss those walks but I can definitely say that I think my walking speed has increased since being over here cause if you want to get somewhere you have to pick your feet up and these damn hills go by faster the quicker I go.

4. God I’ll miss the St. Louis food! Ted Drewes, toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. Among others…

Yes yes and yes this is still true. I may be able to get a root beer fix and marshmallow fluff fix but it’s going to be a struggle not to stuff my mouth with any of this when I get home. First thing I’m probably going to do is order some Imos.

5. I’ll miss having a full length fridge, seriously they’re small there.

When I was in Leeds it wasn’t that bad and Mike’s parents have a fridge freezer in the cellar as well as a large freezer so it’s not too bad though I do miss the connivence of having the freezer and microwave in the kitchen. I have to go down there if I want something and sometimes I can’t be bothered.

6. I won’t miss the stress that work has brought me or certain individuals that create the negative environment.

I remember how stressed out I was last year at this point. My boss was no longer there and all the people I really got along with in my department were slowly going elsewhere or working completely different hours to me. And the one person who made my work life hell was doing what he could to make it hard on me. I remembering for months having dreams about being back at work and having to see him again. I’ve since been able to deal with the situation in a positive manner and move on with my life. Just wish I could find another job.

7. I will miss some people from work. They’re the ones that still keep me sane.

I do miss a few old co-workers. I’ll likely be visiting them when I go home.

8. I’ll miss my room. I’ve made it mine for the last 25 years. I guess I’ll allow the cats to own it.

I do miss it but Mike’s room has been a nice substitute.

9. I’ll miss my kitties, especially poor Missy, who just got diagnosed with kidney disease.

Missy, the poor baby, passed away before I left home. But she was old and she is doing better now. I do miss Indy and I bet she’ll be happy when I come home cause she changed when I left. But I got three more cats I love and will miss. Mogs, Minnie and Grey. 🙂

10. I think I’ll miss my car, I’ll miss being able to just drive anywhere, I won’t miss the damn money it costs me to fix it all the time and for gas.

I kind of have missed my car but not as much as I would have thought. I’m quite used to walking, taking the bus or train and riding with Mike’s parents when they drive.

11. I’ll miss having unlimited access to books, cds, movies, etc for no cost at all. God I’ve read so much in the last four years it’s crazy.

I did at first but I found that I didn’t have as much time for reading books and there were plenty of options with films. My tv shows I watch are mostly shown over here and I’ve found substitutes for find them or new shows while being over here. I can’t say there are many that I’ve been oh I have to watch that.

12. Irish Car Bombs, it’s kind of a tradition for me to have them on my birthday though this year I think I’m skipping it but I think if I ask for that over there I’d get my ass kicked. It’d be like asking for crashing twin towers here.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I haven’t thought about that drink at all while here. I’ve discovered other things to try. But yeah I didn’t miss those.

13. Hmmm some more things I won’t miss…feeling guilty cause I haven’t help with this or that lol Sorry mom but it’s true.

Why did I put this? lol Can’t say I’ve been made to feel guilty for some things but it has been nice to be somewhat independent as much as one can be in someone else’s house.

14. I won’t miss my neighbor, his crappy music or his mean dogs!

I have to say I think the people living in my student accommodation gave him a run for his money. But yeah I haven’t missed his crazy antics at all.

15. I won’t miss the chaos that happens after my nephews have been over. Love em but it’s like a tornado hit the playroom lol

Hasn’t bothered me lol

16. I won’t miss brown recluses! Haven’t seen one yet this summer but I’m not gonna hold my breath, but I will have a shoe ready >)

There are currently 4 spiders living in the kitchen and I haven’t been bothered by them. Why? Because they aren’t poisonous. Sadly when I go home I’d likely be killing anything that the size or color of a brown recluse.

17. I’ll miss my movie channels, I love watching movies whenever I feel like. I’m hoping I can get the rest of True Blood online since I’m moving in the middle of the 4th Season.

I did managed to watch the rest of the 4th season since I was still at home. And I’ve seen the 5th season. I’m quite content.

18. I’ll probably miss my blanky lol.  I’ve had this one probably since I was a baby but it’s so torn up I’m probably gonna trash it when I leave. It was good for a makeshift pillow and as a kid a cape for my kitties.

My blanky was put to good use. It accompanied Missy when she was buried. I couldn’t find her collar but I figured since she was used as the cape holder when I was a kid and both I had from childhood and I thought it was a nice thought.

19. I’ll miss the malls, they have shops there but not nearly as much as we have especially when it comes clothes for me. Though there might be some in Leeds. I’ll just have to find out.

Nope haven’t missed them. Plenty of shopping around here and I’ve saved money! Do wish it was easier to find my way around the grocery stores here than back home.

So that’s pretty much it. I found at first I did miss the familiarity of being at home because there are so many little things that are different that it can add up. But there are good and bad things here as there are back in St. Louis. I know when I go home I’m going to be talking about how much I miss my fiancé, the cats, some ciders and a few tv shows. Oh and how can I forget the NHS! Not having to worry about any bills from the doctor and finding alternatives to my acid reflux meds. I am kind of surprised at my feeling towards Halloween now. It’s not a big deal here and I haven’t missed all the Halloweeny stuff but that could be because it marketed towards kids here. I do miss the art show I used to go to and the movies but I don’t think I’ll worry about costumes anymore.


Money Money Money, Must be Funny in A Rich Man’s World

So Friday went well I think.

Besides the fact that I along with many others ran out of time with our presentations so I had to quickly wrap it up. There was so much I wanted to say that I didn’t get to. I also found out I didn’t actually have to be there at 9am. I could have showed up at 2pm and have been fine. I was also late which had me quite anxious and to find it wasn’t an issue was a bit of a relief. But I’m glad I was there all day. I got to support at least one of my fellow classmates that I have gotten along with this year. There was another one whose presentation was in the first section but he ended up being a no-show. I’m quite surprised and was a little disappointed since I had missed his in progress presentation when he had been there for mine. I tried sending him a message but got no response. I just hope everything is okay with him since I don’t think that was a decision made lightly. I know I panicked during the end of the second semester because of having an issue with one of my classes. I did end up turning something in because I spoke with my professor and didn’t fail the class. I also noticed while I was awaiting my presentation that I didn’t have that nervous feeling all day and I wasn’t that nervous when I did my presentation. I do wish I had practiced though. I would have known what I was going to say better.

Anyway I ended up having a headache at the end when it was my turn to present. I had taken something a little bit before but it wasn’t working because when I met up with my fiance and his parents a few hours later for dinner. I still had it and it was worse. I didn’t get a celebratory glass of wine because that does make my headaches worse if I already have one. So I thought I’d try a amaretto and coke (if you haven’t mixed that ever before try it, it tastes like Dr. Pepper) and my headache surprisingly got better. I decided to get a second one that was a double and then the headache came back with a vengeance. I think cause I had been up over 12 hours by that point my body was just like, dude get into bed but I was still at the restaurant so it had to wait a bit. When I got home that night I had every intention to go to bed before 8pm something I probably haven’t done since I was a kid. But when I got into bed I thought I’d keep the tv on so I could possibly fall asleep to it and had Grey under the covers with me (and kneading my belly). I ended up staying up until sometime between 1am and 1:30 because a movie I hadn’t seen in a while came on and then another one and to be honest I was feeling better. Mike was downstairs the whole time until about 2am so he wouldn’t disturb me and then got sucked into doing a little online gambling. It’s funny before I met him I really never gambled. I think mostly because I had to go to a casino to do it and couldn’t be bothered. Here they have fruit machines in restaurants and bars. They’ll also have little chains that you can go into and bet on games or sports or play a multitude of slot machines. I remember the first time I came over to England to meet Mike, we went into this one called Cashino and they were having a Halloween raffle that every person got a ticket for when they came in. I didn’t really understand how the machines worked at the time so I kind of just played. I ended up leaving with 30 quid more than I started with because I won some money on a machine plus I won the raffle of the hour.

I remember when he came to St. Louis we also went to like 3 different casinos, one was just cause it was there and we needed to use the toilet. The second was to try the buffet and then we went in. And the last one was supposed to be where a lot of my friends got to meet him if they couldn’t come to the first event I had. That last one was okay. It was annoying because once we were in the casino we got carded at least 3 or 4 times despite the fact you are carded when you go in. My fiance is going to be 29 this year and looks younger than 18 let alone 21. One person decided to card him because of the way he pronounced amaretto until they realized the reason why was because he was English. But then I won 200 dollars randomly off a slot machine. So that’s a big pro.

I’ve also recently realize how much fun roulette is. Mike got a Groupon for the casino he’s a member of here for a 2 course meal for 2 or 4 people. We went with his friend Hannah and her boyfriend and actually had a pretty good night. It’s one of the kind of places that you don’t feel like you have to spend money cause it’s that nice. His friend didn’t at all if I remember correctly, she just kind of watched and hung out. And at the time I wasn’t sure if I was going to either but I saw the options for roulette and quite enjoyed it. Then getting a few wins on random numbers was nice. I also watched how you play Black Jack too though I didn’t participate. We ended up coming out pretty well having played roulette mathematically as well as on random numbers.

Anyway enough about gambling. Don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea I’ve got a gambling problem because I have an appreciation for it. Once I talked to a guy about the Anheuser-Busch family because I had read a biography about the family and about what they do when you visit the brewery and he accused me of being an alcoholic. Not something I take too lightly considering it runs in my family and while I enjoy alcohol I am careful when I drink.

Anyway despite the finish to my course I still have been a bit stressed and to top it off I’ve gotten another cold. Now that my course is finished, the student loans I had back in the states are no longer in deferment and I didn’t know you only get that 6 months grace period once. So I got some loans due now and I have absolutely no money now and despite me applying for many jobs week after week for many months I still haven’t even gotten an interview with anywhere. That one I thought I had the possibly of getting has completely fallen through. I’ve been trying what I can to try to get out of debt and have asked family for help. But there’s only so much help they can give and only so many times I can ask. I feel terrible asking for help too, I don’t like being in debt to others and I feel like a bum every time I ask for help but I can’t do anything else. I’m starting to think I might need to go home earlier than planned so I can have a better opportunity to get work but then there’s the damn plane ticket! I have been feeling a bit depressed because every time I get an email thanking me for applying also informing me I haven’t been shortlisted kind of kills me a little and getting another email letting me know another bill is due, thankfully it has been fewer emails about bills since some of them have been paid off. But then telling my family I need help and being reminded of what they have already done for me or reminded me they don’t have that much money as well or both. I don’t know what else to do! I’m already doing what I can and I’m not asking for handouts, I’m asking for loans until I can pay them back. And I’m getting married in a year! There are some solutions I’ve come up with to make things cheaper but I still have half the venue plus a deposit to pay for and someone to marry us. It shouldn’t be too hard to do but then there’s all this debt with people and student loans! Plus I need to make sure I got a plane ticket for next November when the UK reception happens. Looks like I won’t be doing a whole lot when I go home. Wish there was something that could make me feel better whether it’s a freaking lifeline, a job, or anything really that involves me taking my mind off money.

You know it’s funny how I sometimes kind of start off positive in a blog or on one subject and I sometimes go the other end of the spectrum. I talked about my presentation and now it’s about my last of money or job prospects. I feel I should end on a positive note though. I think I’ll share a quick and kind of funny story about Grey.

On Friday I got up at 6:30, Grey has recently decided that’s what time he wants to be fed and let out (if the weather isn’t bad). So since I was up I didn’t have an issue with it. Well I ended up going to the bathroom first before I went downstairs. My mother in law got up too cause she had to go teach somewhere and was giving me a ride to the train station. I don’t know if she fed him before he went outside but by the time we were leaving he was wanting in. unfortunately he wanted to bring in the bird he had caught and was dying in his mouth. I was out before my mother in law so I tried to get him to drop it and he wouldn’t. He just kept meowing which I didn’t know a cat could do while holding something like a critter in his mouth. He was also most like he was saying, would you let me in already so I can put this thing down? I wouldn’t let him come in though cause no one else was up and we weren’t sure if the bird was still alive. After both us failed to get him to drop the bird we decided we needed to go. He went to the side of the house and then dropped the bird and there was no movement so I went to pick him up and he picks the bird up again. I realized there was no way he was going to come in without the bird. So I let him be at the side of the house and we left and I sent Mike a warning text in case he tried to bring the bird in later. He didn’t in fact they don’t know what he did with the bird. He either took it somewhere else or he ate it (bleh). He is a pretty good mouser though, just yesterday he left a dead mouse at the backdoor. He seems to like letting us know of his presents and be praised for it. I don’t agree with him killing them (especially the birdy) but at least we know he won’t bring them in alive like Mogs does. She does kill them sometimes but generally she brings them in alive to play with and they get under furniture.

Grey in Action

It’s a shame you can’t upload videos on here without paying extra.

I haven’t talked about Grey in a bit. He’s doing great. He got dewormer and flea stuff a few weeks ago. He still goes out at night but it’s his own choosing though it looked like last night the in-laws were going to let him stay in cause one of the cat beds was in the downstairs hallway (it was raining pretty hard last night) but I guess he decided he wanted out. Anyway I did a video of him today playing. I think it’s the best thing I’ve managed to capture of him in action. Just wished I would have gotten it when I saw him laying under the bed runner. I might have had one less scratch on me! I forgot how much I used to get scratches from my cats back home. In the last few weeks I’ve gotten one from each. I had one from Mogs on my left arm that’s turned into a scar now. Grey accidentally left a really long scratch on my right forearm, I think he slipped or was trying to get off my lap cause I had picked him up. Then Minnie got me in the finger the other day when I was trying to throw up a leaf she was playing with for her to catch, she tried to grab the leaf and got me instead. And today alone I’ve gotten like 3 scratches on my fingers from playing with Grey. But I’m okay with that! Anyway here’s the video.


Edit: Okay I don’t understand why this video looked like it was fine last night and now isn’t imbedded. I’ve tried again.

Grey is Back

So just a real quick update. Grey was back bright and early this morning. He came in ran upstairs and meowed at the door then went down and got fed. I was actually asleep when he came in but I was only half asleep and heard his meow. Which woke me up. So I got up to use the toilet to have my mother in law see me and say to come down when I’m done she’s got a surprise for me. I wondered if it was him and if I was still dreaming. So I went down and there he is sitting in the kitchen and meows when he sees me and then proceeds to purr away when I pet him. He’s been out most of the day, he came back for a bit of dinner and then left again. We think he might not be sure if he’s welcome. To be honest we aren’t sure either. My mother in law spoke to the woman across the road to let her know the old neighbor’s cat is back and if she wants to come for him or if she wants to let him stay just say so but if she’s going to take him. Keep him in the house for two weeks so he can get used to the place. I don’t need my heart broken again! So will keep everyone updated to let him know if Grey is only here for a visit and to let me know he still loves me or if he’s here for good.

The Ballad of Indy River

There hasn’t been much going on lately here since New Years. Mike is back to his regular schedule with work and me being a lazy bum as usual. Alarm goes off at 6:30 and then goes off every 10 minutes until he gets up just after 7:30 to get dressed, brush his teeth, and walk out the door and I try to go back to sleep. Tends to be why I sleep so late cause I can’t just go to sleep right away unless I’m dead tired. So when I finally get up, I’ve been holing up in Mike’s room for the most part to do my daily procrastinating routine until I work on my paper and then reward myself with food and I know any work after is done for cause I generally stop working once I feed myself and want to watch tv and/or play the sims 3.

But I’m not gonna continue with that. Lately I’ve been really homesick. I’m missing some stuff I can only get in St. Louis and I don’t care how pathetic this makes me sound. I miss my cat like crazy. Every time I talk to my mom I hear that whiny meow of hers and just want to grab her up and give her a hug and then have her jump out of my arms cause she is very uncomfortable with being held and don’t even try to put her on her back, she freaks out and a scratch or two is received when she is on her mission to get back on solid ground. She more a lap cat and hates to be moved. That generally why she whines, cause someone is moving around while she’s on their lap or when she wants on and someone won’t let her. She is a peculiar cat. She loves to get under the covers, she has a ridiculous loud purr. She loves dogs once she gets to know them, if there is a visitor she wants to get in their lap and purr away. She loves to go outside and demands it many times a day even if she’s only out for 5 minutes. She so different from how we found her when I was about 12.

One year my family and I went camping for the 4th of July and we went to this campground I haven’t been to since I was a kid. I loved it there cause the owner of the campground or whoever ran the store that was right on the property had a momma cat and a litter of kittens. I remembered it when I went again all those years later. I think it was on my mind  because my birthday was near and I was really wanting another cat. I had one cat, Missy, my mom got her from a co-worker when I was six cause his cat had kittens and he was trying to get rid of them. Missy basically became my cat the day she came home whether she or anyone else knew it at the time. I loved her to death but I liked cats so I wanted more. When we had first gotten Missy we also had an older tabby cat Eddie who ended up passing away unexpectedly a few months after we got Missy, my mom ended up bring Missy’s sister home too who was named Molly (not my name choice though years later I realized the name fit with Missy who I named). But at the time 3 cats and a dog was a bit much so I had to choose between the cats, Missy or Molly. I liked Molly but I didn’t really get to bond with her. So I choose Missy since I had more of an attachment to her. So 6 years later I wanted another kitty. My mom wasn’t too keen on the idea, she was thinking of the money costs which I understand but to a kid like me, I just wanted a cat and I hoped for a playmate for Missy.

So back to the camping trip. It was near the end of the trip. In fact it was the 4th of July. I generally didn’t like camping because it always seemed to rain when we went and this year wasn’t that different. My younger cousin came with me and my parents the day before his family showed up so he was my bunk mate in the tent for the night. In the middle of the night he woke up me because lo and behold my tent had started leaking so we ended up sleeping in my mom’s car, I always preferred sleeping in the car to the tent because of my wonderful experiences with rain and camping. July 4th was a nice day though, nice and sunny and hot. We went to a connivence store nearby that day to get some snacks and supplies and to get some gas. As we went inside we saw this little tricolored cat. I thought she was pretty and I liked calico cats though she seemed rather afraid of me. She kind of ran away when we approached the building. My mom and I got what we wanted inside and we sat at a bench just outside waiting for my dad. The cat was still there, she seemed to approach when we didn’t move. I had a candy bar that I had opened so I lowered it to see if I could get her to come closer so I could pet her. My mom at this point decided to grab her so we could say hi to her and she managed it. We then discovered how skinny she was and that she was covered in ticks. Before we grabbed her my mom thought she belonged to the people at the gas station but we wondered she really did. So My mom had her in her arms and opened the door to ask if the cat was theirs. Apparently it was not. The people seem to imply that she was left there and abandon by a by-passer and she just hung out sometimes at the store. That ended up being enough for my mom to allow us to take her to the campsite and eventually bring her home.

When we brought her back to the campsite she was not too keen on the dogs and seeing all kinds of people. So funny how afraid she was of the golden retriever when a year later she would be curled up with him on the floor and kneading his fur while he whimpered a little but took it like a champ. After we got all the ticks off her she was covered in and fed her a little food, she ran off, we accidentally let her go to eat from a paper plate and had this little rope tied so loosely around her neck she got out of it. But after my cousin found her and let me know by saying “What’s black white and tan and called a cat?” We put her in my mom’s car (especially cause it was fireworks time and she would have been terrified) and I got in the car with her with a cold hot dog and a cup of milk (why I thought milk was a good idea considering she wasn’t a kitten I have no idea). She ate up the hot dog while I held it and lap at the milk a little and then started purring like mad and rubbing all over me and jumping up so she could rub my face with hers. I slept in the car that night with her and I gotta say there wasn’t that much sleeping going on at first cause she would not leave me alone! I’m glad I won her over but Jeez! I was so tired. I think I passed out from exhaustion and when I woke up that morning I turned my head to find she had curled up on my pillow next to me. It was the cutest thing to see and I immediately woke her up by petting her and her purring/rubbing all over me started once more. That was the start of our wonderful friendship. I will say I loved her despite my closer attachment to Missy but she put up with it. I decided to name her Independence River, since we found her on Independence Day at the river. And I shortened it for the vet by calling her Indy River though I just tend to call her Indy most of the time. Indy and Missy never did become friends, Missy was a crab and only put up with one of the dogs we had, the golden retriever. Though over the years they tolerated each other more (all dogs and cats). Indy at some point realized she was the bigger cat and would occasionally pick the fights but she never tried to take Missy’s place as the Alpha cat. I always thought she was disinterested in stuff and didn’t like people food the way Missy did. But after Missy passed away back in July I started to see bits of Indy that she kept hidden away. She became my morning cuddle buddy and when I had chicken or ice cream she was there to wait for a piece or try to steal one (though she prefers vanilla and not chocolate unlike Missy who loved all kinds). I really didn’t want to leave her when I moved to the UK. But I didn’t have much choice. I know she misses me too because she had no idea where I went and sulked for about a week after I left and barely left the upstairs where my room is. She’s now attached to my mom which my mom has found rather annoying cause she is such a needy cat. I was hoping to bring her over here eventually. But I have no idea if I’ll be staying here so can’t really make those kind of plans and I don’t want to put her through that kind of stress if it’s unnecessary. I really hadn’t intended to make this post only about my cat but I figured how I got her was an interesting enough story. Well back to my lazy Sunday.

Indy and me back home on the back porch
A better look at her face


EDIT: Man I didn’t check this for typos at all. I reread a few hours later and was like yeah this isn’t okay by my standards at all. So since I’ve edited it. I thought I’d put a picture of my cat Missy as well.

Missy, Queen of the household including me.

Thinking Out Loud

So I keep thinking about what I’m gonna be bringing with me to England. Obviously I’m gonna be bringing clothes and some personal items. But I have so much stuff I want to bring. I have a couple of jewelry boxes that will probably have to stay though I have this antique piano jewelry box that I think I’ll have my parents ship me, that is if I can’t get it in my suitcases (yeah I’m gonna be bringing at least two and then two carry-ons). Then I think about what clothes I shouldn’t bring. I have so many hoodies, some I really don’t wear, a few months ago I went through my closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff including shoes and gave them to charity. I’m wondering if I’ll have to do that again. Then there is all the books I have. I have the entire collection of the Anne of Green Gables books and then a smaller series of LM Montgomery, as much as I want to bring those I think I’ll have to leave them here. Then there is all my knickknacks and photos. I have a few that I’m definitely bringing like these two cat figurines that my dad gave me for Christmas, and then the photos I have hanging up in my room. I have to decide what to do about my camera. My digital camera has the lens for the film one I used but that doesn’t actually belong to me. So I either have to buy a new lens or beg my mom to let me keep the lens and just leave the film camera which is kind of pointless. Then I have kitchen stuff that is mine. I figure to save me some money I’ll bring a few thing with me on my carry on, like a couple of mugs and glasses that are mine. I was just telling my boyfriend earlier that I think I’ll bring the thermometer I bought with me cause I’m sure I could use it. It’s just odd thinking about what part of my life I will have to leave behind and what I can bring with me.

My parents have offered to post stuff to me when I’m there. Don’t know what but I guess that will be figured out when I get to packing in August. The biggest thing that bothers me that I have to leave behind, are my cats. I take care of them and feed them and love them and currently I have one trying really hard to get my hand to pet her as I type. The older one has health problems that requires medicine and I know exactly what she needs and when she’s feeling bad. I worry that my mother will not understand what’s going on with her and miss something. The other one I know will be fine besides not having me for company. I kind of wonder how things will change around here as far as routine goes when I’m gone. The cats generally stay upstairs cause I’m here and cause the dogs won’t stay out of their stuff. But they’ll have to go downstairs if they want attention or want someone to know they’re hungry  which I know won’t be a problem 🙂 Besides being worried about how they’ll adjust, I’ll miss them. I’ve had the older one since I was in 1st grade so she’s been there for everything. I guess I’ll just make the most of my time with them and hope that I can either bring them here after I’m done with school and/or come back to the states and make another home for us. Wow I guess I have a lot on my mind today. Until next time…