Party time! Wait…what do you mean I got three papers to do?!

I’d like to think now that classes are basically done until February and I’m heading over to Mike’s until sometime in the New Year that I’ll be able to relax and take it easy. Nope I got papers to do. One is due just after the official break is over with so I have to do that. The other two aren’t due until the end of January but I got lots I need to do for them. I won’t be in Leeds much unless I want to come to school. Can’t decide when I want to come back in January. Really won’t need to until near the end. So right now I should be making myself a little lunch and cleaning up a bit before I pack my stuff. But I’m being a bit lazy and decided to write a blog entry before I do anything else. Yesterday was kind of interesting. I had a presentation of my other blog for my class and the few suggestions I got I kind of thought were a bit odd and didn’t really fit with the theme I got going on with it. I humbly disagree with the suggestions and will keep it the way I have it at the moment. I do want to make a bit prettier later on but for now it’s staying the way it is. The other class we had¬†a class discussion about libraries and I wish I had recorded what we had talked about because thinking about it now it would go really well with the topic I choose for the last paper. Oh well, I at least have the readings we were discussing. I’m looking forward to the next three weekends ūüôā I guess it’s a good thing that Christmas and New Years fall on a weekend cause I rarely do any work on the weekends. Ooooh can’t wait for next week though! I’m making my snickerdoodle cookies that it seems nowhere in the UK seems to have heard of and cinnamon rolls with hot cocoa Christmas morning ūüôā I haven’t hardly gotten a chance to bake anything beyond that apple pie I made for Mike’s Dad’s Birthday. And I love making the snickerdoodles, and love eating them even more! Do have to do it a bit different this year since cream of tartar has something in it that Mike’s dad can’t have but I did find recipes for opting out the cream of tartar. So I’ll be making a small batch for his dad and a another batch for everyone else ūüôā Wonder if anyone at home will make them since I won’t be. They’re my dad’s favorite cookie, his grandmother used to make them all the time when he was a kid and I can understand why he loves them. Though I doubt he is as big a fan of cinnamon as I am. But these are probably the best melt in your mouth cookie I have ever had. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Well best sort out some lunch and get this place cleaned and packed before I go! Tata!


Oh yeah wanted to show off my Christmas present from my parents that I got today.

Thanks Mom!

Guess Whose Not In School Today?


Though technically it’s the end of the school day since I would be done with class by now. I decided to stay home and do some work (sleep in). Next week will be the last week of school before Christmas Break. Then I’ll have three weeks off with many things to do which include Mike’s Birthday, baking, doing homework (Ugh!), Christmas and New Years, and get re-obsessed with the Sims 3. My package to the US made it. So hopefully some very lucky people will be getting their cards soon. I do find it funny with what my mom said when she saw my Christmas present to my dad, Lisa sent you something for Christmas but you aren’t gonna get until Christmas! His gift would probably be gone before then if he got it sooner. Though being an adult I don’t think he cares as much about getting a present early or maybe that’s just him. He is the kind of guy that will get you a gift last-minute but it’s generally a really nice gift and one that suits your personally. Plus I love it when he goes last-minute antique shopping and I get really cool stuff. Last year he got me some cat figurines and before that he gave me some antique jewelry boxes.

Anyway this year will be good. I get to bake cookies, I get to laze about and do nothing and I also get to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas! I can’t wait. This will be my first time making them because I think before we always used to do the¬†Pillsbury¬†ones that you get out of the¬†canister after¬†whacking¬†it¬†¬†against the counter edge (for some reason I always enjoyed doing stuff that required a bit of¬†destruction¬†and minor violence and that makes it sound really bad but it’s therapy in my opinion :P). The recipe I’m using is from someone off WordPress who was recently freshly pressed. I’ll need to find him again cause I know I’ll be putting it on my school blog and need to credit him properly. Anyhow can’t think of much else to write cause I need to finish getting ready to head to Mike’s for the weekend. Hope everyone isn’t have any bad weather like here. Scotland and North England have got crazy wind that’s like going 130 mph, got a bit here too but not nearly as bad. Ta ta!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well it’s Thanksgiving back home. Don’t think I can find a turkey for today unless we end up going out to eat for dinner tonight. I’ve for the most part been locked up in my room at Leeds to focus on my homework and my paper that is due next week. Managed to get 1950 words out before my brain stopped working. Not bad for attempting it first time. Mike will hopefully be looking at it and then I can edit it properly and get everything else out that needs to be done and I’ll have a fairly decent paper done. Then it will be working on 1 academic blog and 2 reports plus a third one for the class I’m currently writing a paper for. Got quite a bit to do over break but I got 3 weeks until then. So everything that was an issue in my room this past blog has been fixed. I got my new microwave yesterday and it works great. Even got a manual so I can look over things when I’m unsure of the setting. So since I won’t be at home and even if I were there isn’t much to do because my mom is leaving for a cruise and my dad is going to Lake of the Ozarks (I’d likely just be staying at home hanging out with the animals) I’m gonna bake a pie. There will be a good reason for baking the pie anyway since Mike’s dad’s birthday is this weekend and he likes it. Got two different recipes I’m going to attempt to put together and hope it comes out well. I can’t help but find it funny that on a day that I’m usually off for everything, I’m sitting in class (and yes I shouldn’t be doing this during class but I’ve been so busy with school work and might not have time this weekend). Hope everyone has a good holiday and enjoys their food comas. ūüôā

England Bound Forreals!

So I woke up this morning with my cat in my face. Nothing unusual of course. So I got up to feed her and made my way back to my room to turn on my computer. And boom an email from the UKBA. I held my breath as I opened it. It said, “Your UK Visa has been issued.” And I’m immediately filled with happiness and joy to the point I can feel tears welling up. I don’t think I have ever cried out of happiness before so this was a big moment. So what do I do first? Update facebook :p Cause I’m an addict. I don’t email my boyfriend, I don’t immediately email the school or my accommodation or even call my mother (though the thought did occur to me). So now I have done all but call my mom. I’ve looked up flights, unfortunately flying from St. Louis isn’t cheap. So I’m considering Chicago since that cuts the price in half. Now how to get to Chicago, I know my family offered to drive me there but it means¬†canceling¬†their plans for the weekend. I guess they won’t mind but who knows. I can also take a train but man the¬†anticipation¬†of that is nuts! That’s something I will have to discuss with my parents and my boyfriend. And I have to basically wait until the dang thing gets here or says when it will get here before I can go. But I figure what I can do is start packing (I already got out both my suitcases) and hope I can leave by this weekend and with no hitches. Oh and I made that chocolate cake a few days early. I think cause I knew it was gonna happen plus I had time over the weekend. Here’s a picture of my early celebration.¬†

And ignore the coffee pot :p

Mission: Get A New Visa!

Okay so having gotten my refusal notice which is what I thought it would be. I’ve been told I don’t have enough money. Don’t know why considering the amount I took out. So I’ve been working with the school over what I can do. Had a lovely conversation with a woman who works there about what I should do. We both agreed that reapplying for a visa is my best option. Now to just get a certain amount either paid or get more money from the loan company and then getting a new CAS number reflecting what is being sent/paid. The only thing I need to do is just fill out the application again with the same info as before. And then resend it. I just hate that I have to pay for all off this all over again including possible more passport sized photos and biometrics which I already did once. Then once I get all this done and sent it to New York once again and get a (hopefully) speedy reply. I’ll just need to get another plane ticket and get my butt over there! Wish me luck!

Not England Bound Yet

Well it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. I was hoping to post that I got my visa and that I was on my way to England. But alas that is not what this is.

Thursday I got an email saying my visa application was being rejected. Though I will not know why until my documents and passport are sent back Monday with the notice. Luckily though all is not lost. There are a few things I can do and the school is working on it with me. Worse case¬†scenario¬†is I’ll have to wait until January and I’ll lose the student¬†accommodation¬†and get a job until then. But I will get there. I may end up having to stay with my boyfriend instead but that is a good deal too. Mean I’ll get to stay in the country longer.

Now if you ever decide to get a visa and fly to another country please listen to what they say and wait to buy your ticket or get a refundable one. I was lucky and will be getting all money back but I had to pay a¬†hefty¬†fine. So I’m pretty dang broke now! I keep looking at the positives of still being in St. Louis. One of them would be Festival of Nations. I got to go today and if I had been in England would have missed it. I’m also going to be able to keep up with True Blood (they’re behind on American television). Ted Drewes is gonna be on list of things to do before I go. Adam Richman from Man V. Food recommended it cause he knows it’s the best frozen custard around. Oh and I’ll be able to drink root beer still, wonderful wonderful root beer!

Since I’ve left the library I have been missing the unlimited books and dvd access. But (insert product placement) I still get to see what new stuff is coming out thanks to That website is so cool. If you like books and want to share what you’ve read and see what others have read, plus they have trivia, quizzes and giveaway contests etc. So if you like that kind of stuff go there.

So I shall leave you today with photos of a Japanese performing group called COBU. They were the main event today at the festival.

COBU ©Lisa Helker
COBU ©Lisa Helker
COBU ©Lisa Helker
COBU ©Lisa Helker

It’s all coming together

So over the weekend my boyfriend and I were talking about getting my CAS number for my visa and the money that is being sent to the school in August. I hadn’t received the CAS number at the time and I was thinking I really needed it. My plan was on Monday morning to call the school up and ask them for it and talk to them about how the money will be handled. At Webster U. they just put it into an account for me for the money they didn’t use. I wondered if this would be the same. So I emailed first about the money cause I figure I got time to find out about that. And then wrote down all the possible numbers I would need.

That night I went to bed and a thought popped into my head, wait we don’t have long distance on our house phone and my cell barely keeps reception anymore. So I wondered if it would work. Well I woke up Monday morning to my cat snuggling on my arm and decided I would give it a shot anyway. I had a feeling I should check my email before anything else I did so. And what did I find but an email from the school with all the information I needed about a visa and my CAS number. I felt so relieved!!! I’m really bad on the phone and I just worry about what the phone etiquette ¬†is over in England. I know it’s silly but I want to make a good impression and not be one of those Americans.

And then today I got a response from the financial administration about what would happen with the money sent there and what I will need to do when I’m there and how they can give me the money. So besides having to apply for my visa and save some moula for when I’m there, everything is just about set. It makes me soooo happy that I’m not running into too many problems. So before I know it, August will be here and I’ll have my party, I’ll leave my job, pack up and go! So England here I come!