Meet Me in St. Louis

My time here has an expiry date.

My flight out of England has been booked. And I got mixed feelings.

I’m coming home on the 20th and will be home just days in time of Thanksgiving celebrations. I’ll be seeing friends and family I haven’t seen in person in over a year and I’m pretty sure my cat will be jumping for joy.

But then I’m leaving behind the life I’ve gotten used to here, my new cat Grey who won’t know where I’ve gone and Mike my fiancé. Thankfully I’ll be seeing Mike at Christmas. And I know I’m coming back here. I just hate that a lot of things are coming to an end.

Like this blog for instance. This blog was only meant to be for my year here but I’m finding I quite enjoy it. I like putting stuff on here and sharing it. I find that little things like my photos and when I talk about my cats get a lot of notice. Photos I wasn’t that surprised by but the cats yes! lol

I am planning on having a different blog after this. I already got my wedding one up. I don’t know what to make the focus of my next one to be. I don’t mind it being about me and having it as a general blog. But then there’s the design and layout and the name of the blog and how often I want to update it.

There is one thing I want to crab about though. STA Travel. I have only used it once before this. It wasn’t for student prices I don’t think. Maybe it was but I first used it to get a flight home to St. Louis after going to Minnesota for week with a friend. She was staying cause it was her mom’s house and I had to come back to go to work. I had to call them because I didn’t know until a few days before I left that I deleted my flight ticket from my email. They claimed I needed a student card to prove I was a student because if I didn’t they ask for proof and I didn’t have any. I got the stupid card and it was never asked for and I never used it for the whole year I had it.

So back to today when I was trying to buy my ticket at a student price. I went all the way through until I got to a point where it was asking me for an ISIC card. I didn’t have one and I wasn’t about to pay for one to prove I was still a student. So I had to go back and redo everything and tweak things as far as not going one way (if you don’t know already, if you get a one way flight ticket, it will cost you more than getting round trip ticket) even though I’m not coming back to England for a year. So it was more expensive than the student price but it was less expensive than the other sites I was looking at. I guess I should start going through stuff and seeing what to keep here and what to take with me. I think I’m going to have to pay for a second bag but it is actually a lot cheaper than I thought. Just got to make sure it is under the weight limit.

Don’t think I will ever get anything through STA Travel again though. It really is a scam to demand a card from someone who has student ID as well as a passport that says I’m here on student visa. Oh well it’s all done now. Wish me luck! I’m not a very calm traveller when it comes to planes. I don’t think it’s the plane ride but the trying to get to the area in time and making the next flight. The biggest problem I might have in the flight is motion sickness and I’m out of my motion sickness pills. I’m sure I can get some though. See you soon St. Louis!


I can’t open doors

That would be my boyfriend’s title idea. He decided to write it in when I went to the bathroom to hang the towel I had been using. I was trying to open his door and for some reason I can’t open it with my right hand. So I found out yesterday that I missed my first class and I have a full day tomorrow. I’m catching up tomorrow though which is great. Today I tried to enroll but couldn’t cause they were having problems with their graduate students or something online. But I did sign a paper to say I’m here. Then I got my ID card as well as set up with the international office. I opened a back account though I won’t be able to access anything for a few days since the card needs to be sent to me and then I’ll get something that gives me my ID for online access. I got set up with my room and will only really need to unpack and buy the essentials. It will be very easy to get to school or so I’m told. Driving around today with Mike’s parents rather confused me cause we got lost once or twice. Mike is going to help me get to Leeds tomorrow or well I’m be a scared, confused lost little American girl. Just wonder what he’ll do while I’m in school all day. Wish I could remember what else I was gonna say. OH YEAH!

Interesting fact: Besides driving on the left side of the road, their rules for highway driving are the exact opposite to ours. At least in St. Louis the right lane was for the slower going traffic and the left lane was for the speed freaks. In England, Left is for slow, right is for fast. And then you can’t pass on the left or undertake when going around a vehicle. Also they drive a lot faster or seemingly faster so I had motion sickness at least twice today. It was more the start and stop are so abrupt to me than at home. But they’re cars can handle it better from what I’ve seen. Anyway I think that was the biggest thing I wanted to share. Now I’m gonna go call my mom since I haven’t heard from her since I was still in the states. Good Night!

England Bound Forreals!

So I woke up this morning with my cat in my face. Nothing unusual of course. So I got up to feed her and made my way back to my room to turn on my computer. And boom an email from the UKBA. I held my breath as I opened it. It said, “Your UK Visa has been issued.” And I’m immediately filled with happiness and joy to the point I can feel tears welling up. I don’t think I have ever cried out of happiness before so this was a big moment. So what do I do first? Update facebook :p Cause I’m an addict. I don’t email my boyfriend, I don’t immediately email the school or my accommodation or even call my mother (though the thought did occur to me). So now I have done all but call my mom. I’ve looked up flights, unfortunately flying from St. Louis isn’t cheap. So I’m considering Chicago since that cuts the price in half. Now how to get to Chicago, I know my family offered to drive me there but it means canceling their plans for the weekend. I guess they won’t mind but who knows. I can also take a train but man the anticipation of that is nuts! That’s something I will have to discuss with my parents and my boyfriend. And I have to basically wait until the dang thing gets here or says when it will get here before I can go. But I figure what I can do is start packing (I already got out both my suitcases) and hope I can leave by this weekend and with no hitches. Oh and I made that chocolate cake a few days early. I think cause I knew it was gonna happen plus I had time over the weekend. Here’s a picture of my early celebration. 

And ignore the coffee pot :p